Hank and Jorgie Welcome

My dog and I have made more progress in a couple weeks with Jorge than we did in a YEAR with other trainers

My partner and I are in complete AWE

Send your puppy for training

Training Day Camps

Designed as an alternative to conventional daycare and dog walks, this program offers regular training and socializing during the day. This service augments your training to help you reach desired results quicker.

Training Day Camps are ideal for puppies, to develop and maintain a solid social skill set for life.

See what’s possible for puppies with regular training camps

Areas covered by training day camps:

  • Puppy training
  • Behaviour Etiquette
  • Socializing (dogs & humans)
  • Distractions
  • On-leash Training
  • Off-leash Training (once sufficiently trained on-leash)
  • Rehabilitation

Multiple weekly & monthly packages available

Private Lessons

In these sessions you will receive an in-depth clinical assessment, a customized behaviour plan that includes training techniques specifically developed to address your dog’s needs, and personal coaching to make it all happen.

Take advantage of Jorgie’s extensive puppy training and puppy imprinting experience, or learn how to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, fearful dogs, and dogs with separation anxiety.

Areas covered by lessons:

  • Extreme behaviours (e.g. fear, aggression, separation anxiety)
  • Puppy Imprinting
  • Puppy Training
  • Basic, Intermediate or Advanced obedience
  • Effectively dealing with distractions
  • Hand Signals
  • Voice commands
  • On-leash training
  • Off-leash training
  • Street Safety
  • Dealing with attention seeking, jumping, pulling, nipping, etc.

Single lessons & packages available

“Jorge is not a ‘dog trainer’, Jorge is a Behaviourist. Jorge gives his clients the tools to take the relationship with their Dog to any level the owner would like to achieve because he educates his clients with the knowledge of Human and Canine behaviour.”