Loki is such a wonderful dog. Just a sweetheart, full of love. He is also a paradox. He has high energy but is lazy, he wants to lie on your lap all the time but does better if he spends some alone time in his crate every day. He is on his best behaviour when he has a steady schedule of crate time, walk/run time, chew time (raw bones or indestructible balls) and food time. He will do anything for a piece of kibble.

He is absolutely a dog who thrives on consistent exercise and is a decent running, walking and (slow) biking partner (he is a large dog and not built for long distance at high speed). It’s best if he is on leash or long line on hiking trails, his recall when distracted is not the best.

He has lived with other dogs and cats and is great with any animal.

Loki has never curled a lip or shown teeth and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. But he will rough house roughly so older dog companions may not be the best fit.

He would be a fantastic pet for a single owner who loves to be outside and who has a pretty consistent schedule. Crate time while you are at work, followed by a run, supper and snuggles would be his heaven.

Loki also loves kids but has zero regard for them, this means he will knock a toddler over unintentionally but playing with an 11 year old with a ball would be a great life! So yes, he is and could be a family dog too.

He will form attachments to some people more than others.

Loki has lived in the city most of his life but recently seems to be happier in the country with a fenced yard (or at least a large sunny balcony – he will choose the hottest sunniest spot to lie in).

Loki would do best if you can be a good leader, with a soft touch and a commitment to his exercise and training needs.

He will cuddle his big head right into your heart.

Adoption fee: Free to the right home

Jorgie Santa Barbara

Ella Fitzgerald, the Dog Trainer’s Puppy

Ella is the perfect puppy: she is the snuggliest, tenderest, kindest, happiest, go-luckiest puppy ever, yet her protective nature has been preserved! She’s great with both cats and dogs and is impeccably behaved at the dog park—Ella comes every time she’s called without fail! She’s every kid’s best friend.

Ella is available to a loving family with dog experience who would love to have the ultimate puppy. Please have prior obedience experience or be interested in personal dog training.

Ella is Jorgie’s personal puppy and part of his purebred breeding program. Her pedigree boasts the #1 American Staffordshire Terrier in the USA, a Westminster Dog Show ‘Best of Breed’ winner and her kennel has produced the top stud dog in Europe. For a true fancier, her pedigree is priceless, and there is an opportunity to further invest in her breedings.

If you are Ella’s dream home, we would love to hear from you.

Adoption fee: $4800

Jorgie Santa Barbara

Photos of Ella Fitzgerald

Ella loves her Social Training Camps downtown Vancouver with Marco and Leo. Lastly are her parents, Peter and Zoey from Billjack’s American Staffordshire Terriers, bred by a dear friend of Jorgie’s, William Honeycutt.

Upcoming Litter


FullMoon Am Staffs was established in 1988 and has been breeding Quality American Staffordshire Terriers for over 28 years. All our breeding stock go through vigorous health testing Including a cardiac exam by a board certified cardiologist, testing for cerebellar ataxia by Optigen, and they have their elbows, hips, and patella’s evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Our puppies are born and raised with love in our home. Puppies are temperament tested using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test before being placed with their new owners. FullMoon Am Staffs specializes in breeding Pure Ruffian bloodlines. Our American Staffordshlire Terriers are world renowned. We offer companion and show quality puppies for discriminating owners.

If you’re looking for an amazing puppy I look forward to hearing from you! Ideally you have enough dog training experience maintain their training or are interested in further training.

Jorgie Santa Barbara



Photos of the Litter

Hank Williams, the Dog Trainer’s Puppy


Hank Williams has found his forever home, thank you for your interest.

Please allow me to introduce you to Hank Williams, my puppy. He’s such a nice, young, affectionate man with a lot of life experience and street smarts for an 18-month-old: he’s off-leash trained (even around busy streets), independent when he needs to be, and very obedient.

Hank is mature enough to reliably guard and alarm bark to let you know a stranger is there, but still puppy enough to bond and become your perfect family companion. (Careful, he’s still puppy enough to eat butter off the counter if you invite him by mistake!) Hank is good with cats, too—even hamsters! He’s social at off-leash dog parks and still in-tact.

If you’re looking for an amazing dog and value the effort it’s taken to raise a puppy to this level, I look forward to hearing from you! Ideally you have enough dog training experience maintain his training or are interested in further training.

Jorgie Santa Barbara

Videos of Hank Williams

“I just adopted Johnny Cash from Jorge Santa Barbara and I have never seen such great temperaments on a beautiful pack of dogs. Jorge trained all of them and they were just so amazing. They sat, they shared, they loved meeting new people and animals. They were even gentle with the cats. The work that Jorge has done with these pets is nothing short of incredible. I highly recommend his training and pups to anyone.”
Josh – a client who bought one of Hank’s siblings

Photos of Hank Williams