In the 5 years I’ve spent working with animals in a university research facility, training with all kinds of methods, studying behaviour of all sorts, none of the traditional ways of thinking about conditioning work as well as the methods that Jorgie has been using and teaching us to employ.

My partner and I are in complete awe. We are with a totally different dog. Our mastiff-pitbull mix is such a sweet guy but so strong and strong-willed, pulling this way and that, sharing his excitement in inappropriate ways with people and animals.

We were really beginning to worry that this relationship with our dog would continue to spiral in the direction that it was, uncontrollable. However, from the first day his on-leash training worked, his walks were completely different. He gently trots beside us and is far less likely to pull or jump up.

Shortly after our first couple training sessions, we went away for a week and entrusted our little guy to Jorgie. Upon returning to pick him up, he is still a completely different dog. The associations he had with us are gone and his demeanour has completely changed. He is now able to be uncovered in his crate, accidents in the house are gone, his jumping up has greatly decreased and his mouthing has stopped. We totally recognize our role in maintaining and increasing his continued success and we are committed to working diligently with our dog and to reach out to Jorgie if/when we need some assistance. These initial methods of imprinting have gone so far and with diligence we will uphold them in service of our dogs and all others.

Loki, Shiloh, Julia and I thank you so much Jorgie,

Eric Mathias
Moksha Yoga Burnaby

Jorge is not a “dog trainer” Jorge is a Behaviourist. Jorge gives his clients the tools to take the relationship with their dog to any level the owner would like to achieve, because he educates his clients with the knowledge of Human and Canine behaviour.


We are owners of two 11 month old pups, brother and sister, from the same litter. They’ve never spent a day apart, except for two weeks when the female was in heat (1 month ago).

12 days ago they would bark at every noise coming from the hallway, every dog and person they saw out the apartment window and back of our SUV, when on leash they would bark and tug at the leash while lunging at dogs, adults and children; when tethered to a fence they would whine, yelp, lunge and bark and snap at people passing by. And in addition to that they slept on our bed with us and when we saw that wasn’t working we closed the door and left them on the other side, only to result in barking and whining uncontrollably.

We enrolled in Marker Dog Training the next day. It took us 4 training sessions to get the gist of what we were to do and on the 5th day we applied it all, everything we were told. Jorge had made us a list of training items to put in with them every day.

Within a day they were leash trained; within 2 days they stopped barking at dogs out of the car; within 3 days they stopped whining in the apartment and barking the at noises in the hallways; within 4 days the barking and lunging at dogs, adults and children while on leash stopped; on the 5th day the female was off leash standing next to a 5 and 6 year old at the off-leash dog park with a simple sniff and almost immediate return back to me; the boy while on leash at the park has no reactions to people, dogs running and children playing in the playground; on the 6th day all whining, barking lunging and snapping at people and dogs while tethered on a fence stopped. Day 7 both dogs are sleeping on their dog beds 15 feet away from our bedroom quietly and happily and have not come up on our bed for 3 days, even with the door open. We have almost completely different dogs.

We can’t even begin to express how amazing and miraculous the results have been. My husband and I can’t stop sharing about it. We are so excited for the next 12 days!!

Jorge thank you beyond imagination. We don’t know what we would have done without you!

Kevin, Alina, Rani and Raja Tremblay

Jorge is an extremely intuitive individual — with both people, and dogs — which lends itself very well to helping owners and their pets understand each other. He does an excellent job of figuring out each individual’s family’s needs to develop a customized training strategy that will work for them. Jorge’s imprinting and positive reinforcement approaches are easy to learn and have been super successful for training our puppy. Our dogs love him!

Shelagh Szabo

I am truly amazed at the results. After one private session and one group session I can already see a big improvement in her. Walking her today was great, she was so good on leash and is learning so fast.

I know there’s much work to do, but now I feel confident with the tools you gave me and the ongoing support of the group that she can be rehabilitated…I was giving up hope she would ever be a well-behaved dog!!

It was awesome to see how quickly she was getting the training and how when I’m less fearful, so is she. I feel very confident she can overcome her dominance over other dogs and issues with motorcycles and skateboards now that I’m working with you.

Andrea Dupuis

Since, we are a busy family with two young girls we decided to hire Jorge to imprint our puppy and make this transition as smooth as possible. Having received my pup back after only 9 days she is kennel trained, potty trained, off leash, and has no fear issues with public and kids.

This by far was the best decision we had ever made and we highly recommend anyone hiring Jorge for puppy imprinting and training to achieve the ultimate pet!

Jorges’s professionalism,and his ability to work with children,dogs, and the owners is bar none. His passion and ability to understand dogs enables him to provide excellence in training so that the owners can understand their pups to train accordingly. He provided us with easy,unique strategies that are extremely effective.

Jorge’s puppy imprinting gave our family the ability to set up a foundation for a lifetime of happiness and friendship and that’s something you just can’t put a price on!

Anthony & Marianna

Before I met Jorge, my dog and I had been to several different trainers and classes with limited success. I was so frustrated by our lack of progress that I was beginning to explore aversion training methods. But after just three lessons with Jorge, I saw remarkable improvement in my dog’s behaviour. Jorge’s methods were positive and immediately effective, and his explanations and coaching allowed me to apply the techniques with confidence. My dog and I have made more progress in a couple weeks with Jorge than we did in a year with other trainers, and the relationship between my dog and I has never been better.

Allison Wong

My partner and I contacted Jorge due to my rescue dog Isaac showing aggressive traits. At the time I was experiencing high levels of anxiety when Isaac was interacting with other dogs, and was feeling significant stress about his future. In only four sessions Jorge has made significant changes in the lives of both Isaac and me and my partner. His approach reflects a blend of knowledge, skill and compassion for animals. I now feel much more relaxed taking Isaac out and feel more confident and competent as a dog owner after our work with Jorge.

Laura and Andrea Burkholder

I spent $5000 on training for nearly a year with another trainer. After ALL that money, effort and time we were no further than when we started.
We could not walk by someone on the sidewalk without a major barking, snarling, growling outbreak. I was CRUSHED, emotionally and financially drained. My dog’s behavior was bringing me to tears of frustration and resentment.

After 1 lesson we saw 80% improvement inside and 100% improvement outside. Simply said, I was astonished. However, our pup needed more than a single lesson and we soon saw there were a whole host of issues to deal with.

The most important issue was being able to walk by people on the same side of the sidewalk without our pup barking, growling, snarling and quite possibly nipping people. We live in an extremely busy and congested area. After about 4 or 5 lessons our pup was able to actually allow people to pass by him (while stationary) within 3 feet, provided we were feeding him. Prior to this training we had tried toys, treats and other methods of distraction training. However, distraction training did not address our pup’s core issue. Jorge’s training is providing our pup with a means to address this fear in an non-invasive manner.

Julie J.

Working with Jorgie has been an absolute dream for us. Jorgie’s training is unlike any we have ever come across and the results began to be noticeable immediately. Within 20 minutes on our first session, my 9 month old mastiff/pit-bull puppy went from pulling all over on leash to walking calmly and that was the groundwork laid for all future interactions!

Recently we went away for a week and entrusted the young pup into Jorgie’s care with amazing results. Prior to leaving, he was getting better on leash but was still very unsettled at home with lots of barking if he didn’t get his way. There were ups and downs but a steady and consistent improvement! We brought him home today and he is already a different dog. On our walk he was much better at avoiding distractions such as kids, strollers, bikes and other dogs.

Currently he is settled into his crate (uncovered, in full view of the family! Never thought that would happen) and is happily chewing a bone. Our other dog, a 5 year old golden retriever, has also benefited from a change in the way we approach our interactions and she is much more calm now that we have the skills to work with
both dogs.

I can see the light and the peace that this work is bringing to our home. The other fantastic benefit is that Jorgie creates a dog focused community with his clients where we can all support each other and the dogs on the path to freedom together!

Julie Cowan

I have been dealing with a couple of problems with my dog for far too long. She has been very reactive when she sees dogs when she is on leash. I knew that the problems with my dog stemmed from my mishandling of her. I felt that I had ruined/broken my dog.

After my 2 hour session with Jorge, he proved to me that my dog wasn’t broken, that she was a quick learner. Jorge spent time pointing out to me what my dog was doing and how to handle it, and handle it effectively. I was amazed at how in 2 hours with Jorge I felt confident that the problems I was having with my dog could be corrected.

After my session and later that day, I took her out for another walk and practiced the techniques Jorge had showed to me and was amazed at her transformation, she was like another dog. I was walking her on leash and dogs were coming up to her that were off leash and there was no reactive reaction from her. I later let her off the leash and she was walking down the path and visiting with some dogs and some other dogs she just ignored. I am excited to practice the techniques again tonight.

Currently he is settled into his crate (uncovered, in full view of the family! Never thought that would happen) and is happily chewing a bone. Our other dog, a 5 year old golden retriever, has also benefited from a change in the way we approach our interactions and she is much more calm now that we have the skills to work with
both dogs.

Don’t put up with problems you are having, set up some lessons and you will be kicking yourself for not having done this ages ago!


I have nothing but great things to say about Jorge! Rex (Our Bernese mountain dog) was our first dog and we have to brag about how amazing he is! We moved out to Ontario and if we were to get another dog in the future would most likely figure out how Jorge could have him first before taking him home.

When we got to take Rex home after Jorge had him, we really didn’t have to do any further training. He was house trained, had a number of commands already imprinted in him, he was off leash trained and a bonus he was even trained NOT to eat the cat’s food when left on the ground. It was pretty amazing. Jorge does provide you with training on what commands to use and how to use them. We took everything Jorge told us and did exactly as he said, that helped us a lot since Rex was trained to specific commands and required consistency to reflect his training.

We made sure we followed all his instructions and were very disciplined with consistency. Anytime we did have any questions, he was always available for help.

I highly recommend Jorge and his puppy training, we have an amazingly well trained dog and our first dog experience has been great!

Anette Nossiter